Awake in the night again!

After a wild and windy day yesterday all is calm, the full moon is shining through my window and I’m wide awake. My painting journey is taking me on so many twists and turns as I sit here in the lounge looking at so many different paintings on my wall.

Yesterday I prepared a canvas in my new-found marble effect style

Now I’m wondering what I am going to add to it 😬  First I will have to add a bit more water and smudge the colours together. I love the fact that I am no longer afraid of spoiling a painting. I’m just sometimes confused as to what to paint. Take for example yesterday’s windy day painting, I had prepared the canvas using four different colours then I splashed little drops of watery paint on top and left it to dry. I honestly thought that I had far too much paint on the canvas and tried to rub some off but it was having non of it . 😏

Every time I walked into the craft room I looked at the canvas 🤔 I was like a beast stalking its prey waiting for some sort of inspiration. I felt that I had overdone the base, what on earth was I going to add to it! Later in the day as I walked past it, I thought that it looked like a storm had hit it. I picked up my brush with no thought and started to dab paint. The beauty of these types of paintings is you cannot  really spoil them.

I can see why some of my paintings look almost childlike because I do not put lots of thought into them. I just paint . I don’t strive for perfection, which is just as well! because if I think too much about what I am doing it doesn’t work.

What I do is lie awake in the night trying to connect with something within me that will enable me to create something different. I described myself to John as feeling like a bird trying to get comfortable in my nest 🐥 this amused him no end ☺️

I am swayed towards biblical themes but I don’t think there really is a market for them even though they are well received on this here.

Perhaps I will never find my niche 😳

Perhaps I will never sleep well again!

Perhaps I am meant to suffer for my art.

Perhaps I’m getting a bit dramatic 😬

Perhaps I need a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit 🍪

hmm liking that idea. 😋

Perhaps I need to take some medication 😏

Yours sincerely,

A tortured, sleep deprived would be artist 👩‍🎨


  1. Perhaps you’re being too hard on yourself. Your paintings just keep getting better. It’s hard to perfect a perfectionist! LOL Get some sleep. 😂 Hope you enjoyed the biscuit and tea.😘

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  2. For some reason, I thought of volcano with oozing lava when I saw this. I’m curious Elaine…. are you by chance left-handed? You are very creative!

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      1. Cool! knew it! I know SO many people (creative people) who are left handed and who are also a little on the night owl side. I am a lefty too. I really think there’s something to it! I’m a lefty and definitely a night owl but don’t consider myself to be creative.

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  3. You may have the lovely ethereal whimsy of a child, but you have the spirit and talent of a master. I adore your paintings, and if you must be on a nocturnal hunt, it seems that this is a fabulous prize to attain. I, too, find myself wide-eyed in the wee hours but my prey is quite different. It usually ends up being something significantly less inspiring. Like cheese. 😉

    Xoxox. I have have missed you my darling friend! ❤️ Joanna

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  4. Sleep-depraved, yes, but most definitely an artist – no would-be about it, Elaine!
    Abstracts are fun because they can be anything or nothing at the same time. That’s how I see them. Just paint, and allow the inspiration to flow! 😀

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  5. I missed this on the first i guess, just got in today! I like the beginning and the end. I think you overthink also. It should not be a chore, just have fun! I love the green ones plain and flowered. I like this one just as it appears here. It takes talent to put colors together in a pleasing way. I am pleased.🌸

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