Awake in the night.

It’s been a while since I’ve been up in the night but this cold bug is keeping me awake so I decided to get up and make a cup of tea along with a biscuit, okay 3 medicinal biscuits to clear my airwaves. 😐

I can hear the owl outside unless it a high pitched cat, John is always saying he sees it flying around. I’ve just had a look, nope can’t see it but then again I think I need to stand and watch for at least 10 minuets and my aching legs and loss of patience will only give it one minute and obviously it’s not showing itself to me 🙄

Raili from the site Souls gift has suggested that I paint to the music of her most recent post which I have reblogged.  There is something  about this photo that pulls at my soul, so much so that I would like to attempt to paint it.  I am fighting the urge to go into our craft room and start it now. But common sense, yes I do have some tells me to wait until I am feeling a bit better. 🤒🤧

I’ve come to see a pattern in my paintings, moons, angels, mermaids, Native American Indians type things oh and fantasy fairies very thought provoking but then as my mother tells me I have always been unique 🤡

I find this picture so inspiring but doubt that I can do the sparkly colour justice, I’m going to give it my best though. Watch this space!



  1. you just need a really bright white to make the idea of sparkles…whatever you do, it will be fantastic…just like all your others.

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  2. I saw a movie preview yesterday that reminded me of you. It’s a remake of the classic “A Wrinkle in Time” by Madeleine LeEngle. It looks great, and the hopeful concept made me think of you. Do feel better!💓🤗

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    1. I wish I could say yes but I don’t feel right yet, Doctors tomorrow for BPressure and I’ve stopped taking the anxiety tablets because they were giving me anxiety with all the food I was craving 🙄 no appetite now and keep going hot and aching legs 😬

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