Fantasy Fairyland mark 2


If you are you are one of my followers you will remember I asked for suggestions re the painting below. Should I add more or leave it as it was.  I did not want to spoil it by adding too much.  It was suggested that I added stars, I have to admit my heart sank because stars are so messy! The method of using either a toothbrush or in my case a fan brush can be effective but does tend to cover everything including me!

Then my good friend Kim came up with the idea of adding my fictional friend Milly who visits the moon by climbing a ladder! I pondered on that but I wasn’t sure were the ladder would come from so I decided to make the moon into a hot air moon. This is fantasy 😉 and it did seem viable!

eturned my canvas  onto my easel and painted over the moon to make it brighter and painted a basket for Milly

tarted doing some stars which just as I expected they went everywhere, even on the cat!  I started panicking hence no following photos 😳 I began painting over the stars on both the cat and the trees.

Then I put Milly in the basket and did a few strokes of gold and touched up the moon again and this is the end result.


  1. Just visited your etsy site, Elaine. Each one looks spectacular! Vibrant, colourful. Made choosing a difficult task I can tell you. So many congratulations! Really excited for you. Can’t wait for the sales to start ringing up.

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