1. I’m sure I’ll see Midnight, but it will be my son and I. My daughter and 3 of the kids are on vacation stopping along the way from here to LA. Eileah didn’t get to go as someone stole her passport, an expensive jacket and her christmas present from her uncle while she was in Vancouver. No time and too expensive to reapply (not to mention it’s new years no one is about) so costly for her and mom as the plane ticket is not refundable. However, my son and I have spent new years together for many years, and it’s the highlight for me! πŸ™‚

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    1. Happy New Year πŸ’• would you believe they cancelled the appointment, The specialist was on call 😑 I got a letter yesterday, next appointment 27 Feb. That’s four months after my MRI scan. The NHS is totally stuffed.

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