The magic of Christmas!

I’ve shared with you recently my journey of spiritual development through reading “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” which basically tells us the benefits of eating sensibly, meditation 🧘‍♀️ and getting up earlier and seizing the day.

I found that I was getting up earlier and earlier ( like two hours after going to bed earlier) I was wide awake painting, writing and 😏 eating!

The former activities I think would be acceptable but I realised after **** tins of Quality Streets I just had to behave. I felt ashamed 😔 John never missed an opportunity to point out that he had not had one chocolate out of the **** tins that I had purchased. 😇

When my daughter called I told her to help herself to my tin ( I had eaten all my favourites anyway 😋 ) I begged her to take some in her pockets for my grandchildren after school but she refused, saying they eat enough rubbish without me adding to it 😳

I faithfully told John that I would not purchase anymore quality Streets, I emptied what was left and put them in a plastic bag in the fridge! …… Did you know that they taste far better when they’re cold 😃

One Christmas I had so many chocolates bought that I put them in batches of three in the freezer, this may surprise you but I then mastered the way to hold a frozen chocolate in my mouth until it defrosted. 😍😋🙃 Oh Yes, I am a woman of many talents and a master of none 🙄

Imagine my and John’s surprise this morning when our online grocery delivery arrived at our door and the delivery man told us we had rather a lot of substitutions to our order.   The supermarket had not had their delivery of fresh carrots 🥕 did we want tinned carrots instead.  Here is me trying to live a more spiritual existence, eating live food from the ground! ( okay I know tinned carrots were once alive) but nevertheless people would recognise that it wasn’t a fresh carrot 🥕

I had ordered a large bag of salted peanuts 🧐 half way to healthy eating, they had substituted them with 6 small bags, I let that one go because peanuts are moreish so that maybe was a spiritual gift to stop me over eating ☺️

Then I heard John say ” A tin of Quality Streets”. ” Oh yes,” said the driver, “that is a gift to compensate for the changes to your order” Personally I think the Universe is having a bit of fun with me or just testing my commitment!  Either way the tin will be given away to a good home! Honestly 😇



  1. I’ve never heard of them, I must check them out! Right now my favorite is Lindt chocolate. But sweets aren’t my favorite anymore. Everything I eat goes straight to the middle since the wheelchair, pita! I’m never hungry. If we go out and I snpmell food, it whets my appetite and I eat whatever I want. Now when I smell baking bread, wow, an old oilfactory memoir.

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        1. I don5 like apples they give me indigestion, and the last orange I ate was horrendous, I thought I was having a heart attack 😬 that was just before I was diagnosed with Barrettes . Bananas and grapes are my favourite 😍

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  2. Elaine, put the sweets into the freezer for one of those days in the future when you need a little Christmas! LOL I love that you can defrost the chocolate in your mouth!! Delightful! Loved this post!

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  3. I didn’t know the tinned food is our version of the canned food. My husband lived in London for two years. I read to him your post and he remembers the tinned food. We can’t have too much sweet in the house either. I love the way you put the frozen chocolate and let it defrost in your mouth. Oh, do you need more than 2 hours of sleep?

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    1. I’m sorry I try to make my words understandable to everyone lol I need my sleep Miriam. Luckily I’m back to normal. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family the first of many with sweet, beautiful little Autumn. Xx

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      1. Elaine, that is unique about having international audience. We learn from each other. Good that you’re back to your normal sleeping pattern. Wonderful Christmas to you, John and your family!

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