Awake in the night.

This is the fourth night in a row where I am wide awake in the night. Yet another night when my memory foam pillow feels like a cement block, no matter how much I turn it around, it is not playing. I threw it on the floor at one stage and got my old feather and down pillow out which at first felt so good but then in a matter of minutes felt like an old goose!

After throwing that on the floor I searched around in the dark for the memory foam and pummelled it into submission, it complied for five minutes then hardened up once again.

Then I found myself feeling guilty complaining that I had the stupid pillow and the comfort of a warm bed so in the end I’ve got up at 1.17am. I wandered into the kitchen for a drink of water. Then and felt the magnetic pull towards the quality street tin. I only have to see the colour purple and I am like a drooling 🤤 dog 🐕 trained to know when it’s feeding time.!

I opened the tin, just to have a look honest! and somehow a fudge and a coconut chocolate flew magically ☺️ into my hand. I love the magic of Christmas.

Not wanting to seem ungrateful I took pity on them and ate them quickly. I’m ashamed to confess that it’s the third tin we have had in the last three months 🤭 John takes great delight in refusing to eat any, then he can say ” well that’s another tin you have eaten ON YOUR OWN ”

My mind keeps being drawn back to The Monk who sold his Ferrari and the importance of eating what he described live food. That being alive as in grown in the ground not live animals. I definitely have lost my desire for meat but feel that I need to eat some protein (hence the quality streets) I’m joking 🙃 honest I know there’s no protein in chocolates, obviously 🙄

My problem is staring me in the face I am addicted to sugar 🤪 and after I have written this post I am going to revisit my online shopping order and remove all the sweet items from my shopping cart.  Who needs them? Not me. 🤐 My 🛒  maybe empty when I’ve done but who cares 😐😩 I am determined to cleanse my soul and body.

I prepared a canvas last night with various blue shades and that is also calling me, but like the chocolates if I look at it then I will drawn in and be painting for hours.

I am looking forward to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day which will be spent with my daughters and their families along with my Mum and of course John, yet I’m looking forward to it all being over. This may shock some of my American followers but this is my Christmas tree which is all of 8 inches high! 😳 It’s small I know but It does change colour 😊

I feel excited for the New Year because I think it will be a year of many changes. It has to be. I want to be firing on all cylinders alert in mind and body to prepare me for what I think will be the best,  yet most challenging year of my life! How do I know that? I’m psychic didn’t I mention that 😊

Now excuse me I have a supermarket cart to empty and trust me I will.Elaine x


  1. I have sugar issues too, you’re certainly not alone there. I partially reading The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, but never did pick up a copy of my own so I’ll have to do that (thanks for the inadvertent reminder!) I think the Christmas tree is cute, and, for the record, chocolate and sugar at Christmas doesn’t count… 🙂
    Sorry you can’t sleep either – I do hope you get a more restful night tonight.
    Caz x

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  2. I had a memory foam pillow but it always felt like a cement block. I now have a My Pillow, which has worked pretty well for me. I’m sorry you’re having a hard time sleeping. I hope you’re able to get some rest soon.

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  3. I love that book and was literally stuffing my mouth with Quality Street chocolates while reading this 😂
    I don’t think you need meat for protein there are so many alternatives these days!

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