I cried for help.



I cried out for help

You were there

I couldn’t see the light

My soul laid bare

You wiped my tears

Allayed my fears

And led me to the light

A compass to my way home.


However dark your life may feel at the moment, you may feel hopeless, lonely and without hope. Please believe me that things will get better. Happiness follows sadness, it always does. 🙂

To people facing illness try to remain positive and accept what you cannot change but trust that things will become more bearable and then they will.

Sending you love at this special time of year.

Elaine x


    1. I’ve been there too Suze, considering throwing myself in the river! which ironically I live by 20 years after. 😳 Then telling my doctor I wanted to end it all! He suggested I got a divorce, funny that was something I had never thought off. Best prescription ever 😉

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