Remembering a special lady.



You were always so positive, I admired you so much

Always a cheery word, you brightened all you touched

We knew you wouldn’t get better, we knew that from the start

But to leave us on Christmas day, sorely broke all of our hearts

I know that sounds selfish, I’m sorry that’s just me

You did not pick the day, you just needed to be free

Free from the loss of dignity, free from all the pain

This poem is just to tell that you that you did not die in vain

You taught me so many lessons, about how to live with pride

Facing all the things that others, would have run away to hide

Cancer is so devastating and not pleasant to see

But you remained so positive right up until end, never once did you accept that it was to be

Now I know you have peace and you will see all the people you love

Safe up in heaven, a bright shining star  above

I will never ever forget you, you are always in my heart

Always so admired and positive, I’m just sad we are apart.

In loving memory of a very admired lady, My Aunty Mary who died on Christmas Day aged 75

Copyright © 2017 Rose Elaine, All rights reserved.


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