Countdown to Christmas 15 days to go.

I wrote this post exactly a year ago tomorrow, I’ve tweaked it a little and added some pictures but the message remains the same,.

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I never thought I would say the immortal words that my dad used to say every year, “Christmas is for children”, but finally Dad I agree and now although you are not here to hear me say those words,  I am sure you can hear the echo up above.  He also used to say daily when Christmas day was approaching …”This time next week it will all be over”, which used to get me mad too because I wanted it to last forever

I can smile now at those memories. I have great childhood memories when my sister and I could not wait to get up to see if Santa had been, we never got loads of presents, admittedly we received more than my dad did as a child, if I heard the story once I heard it a hundred times that he was lucky to receive an orange…

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