Leap of faith



Lets take on this challenge together

Come, take a leap of faith with me

No point making up excuses

Trust in your courage, set yourself free


There is no need to be frightened

There is nothing for you to fear

No point making excuses

Let your faith draw near


I get that you’re not religious

I am not asking you to be

No point making excuses

Just jump and set your spirit free


Let go of all past resentments

No point hanging on to all your pain

No point making excuses

A fortune of faith, you will gain.


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  1. I read some posts which made me feel sad because I could feel the anger and frustration in their words. I know first hand what pain feels like and although it is difficult I find it better to let it go and draw a line under it. I have also learned that I sometimes have to accept things and go with them rather than fight against changes. When I was married to my first husband I made the mistake of staying for 27 years thinking well it’s not so bad. We have one life we should be happy. 🙂

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