Angel visit 🌹



Last night as I lay in my bed

An angel tapped me on the head

Are you awake he whispered in my ear

Do not be afraid, you have nothing to fear

 I lay still, blinking in the light

That angel gave me such a fright

What did an angel want with me

Perhaps he had come to tell me what will be

Do not be afraid, you have nothing to fear

I just wanted to let you know that I am here

I snuggled down in my bed

With angel thoughts in my head

He floated around my bedroom for a while

His presence really made me smile

Then I snuggled under my bed covers in a hump

Gosh that angel made me jump

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  1. This is so beautiful, Elaine! I haven’t actually seen an angel, but I know angels were around me so clearly in many occasions. Three days before Will’s mom passed away, an angel visited her (the second time), and was sitting next to me, Kathy told me. The angel came three days later to take her to heaven!

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