Millie’s painting the moon!

After reading a post by Hilda  I decided to try painting using a pallet knife and brushes. I quite like the effect but fear I may go through lots of paint using this method.

Check out Hilda’s site she is a brilliant painter

17 Comments on “Millie’s painting the moon!

  1. I’ve just had a longer look at the painting and realized that you have captured the sensation of ‘space’ with the stars and moon suspended in it. This is really really realistic. I’m wondering what Millie’s ladder is resting on. It makes me feel quite vertiguous (if that’s a real word!) thinking that there is nothing solid holding up her ladder.

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  2. Thanks for the plug, Elaine! I think the impasto works really well on your moon! Great effect! Yes, the drawback of this technique is certainly the amount of paint it uses! One way around this might be to use cheaper, sloppier paint (such as the Windsor and Newton Galleria series) and then bulk it up using some kind of light acrylic molding paste…. I just got myself a pot of that stuff to try….. 🙂

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  3. I love the texture to painting with a palette knife! You will go through more paint but it’s worth it! I also love to paint with old socks that have kind of ridges on them for a different kind of mixing texture. Personally I like to mix my paints on the canvas!

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