We have our next apartment meeting next Friday, here is what happened at the last one 😬😉


Picture the scene, John and I walking into the residential lounge in our apartment block for our first ever residential meeting.

There were quite a few people sat in the lounge already.

Good morning I said and everyone said good morning back, I felt so awkward. To break the ice I said it’s like being a hotel and coming down for breakfast. They laughed at that, thank goodness they got my humour…….. This how it went from then!

Large man:   Wait till the fighting starts

Me:  What!

Thin lady with fluffy slippers:  Oh yes, hmm, it was two women last time.

Me: looking at John , I said loudly, perhaps we should sit near the exit then.

That brought another laugh from the crowd.

There late said one resident looking at her watch,

Large man: No they have two minutes, I think that they have just pulled up,  yes it’s them, they have one minute to go.

I looked out of the window to see the two women running up the driveway, obviously knowing that they were cutting it fine and what reception they would get.

Two officers:  Opening the door, Good morning everyone, how are we all today

Large man:  You’re late

Two officers:   No its just half past, shall we get on with the meeting.

I won’t bore you with it all but there were some bits that amused me which I will tell you about.

Large man’s thin wife:   We are aware  that dogs can visit residents here but we have noticed that one whippet is staying over.

Two officers: We would need proof of that happening

Another man:  What do we have to do? Should we go round with a poop a scoop to collect evidence

Another lady:  We could knock on her door and ask if we can take a photo of the dog having a sleepover.

By this time I was giggling so much, I knew it would make a post on here.

A stern looking lady:    it’s not going to be a problem for much longer, the lady has said she is moving out.

A general mumble went round the room of approval.

The poor woman I thought, I really liked seeing that whippet, it was as good as gold.

Two officers: Is there anything else?

Large man’s thin wife:  The lift was out-of-order the other week and I had to ring the help line I know it’s a local call but I felt they made me wait and I was paying for the call. I don’t suppose that could be knocked off the service charge?

Two offices: No sorry.

Loud woman: When the gardeners come to do the gardens they are blowing the leaves over the fence and leaving them there. Why can’t they blow them into a pile and then take them away with them.

Two officers: They are not contracted to take them away, non of our sites offer that facility.

Loud woman:  Well the odd leaf can blow back over and it looks a mess.

Me: thinking to myself let me get out of here!

Eventually the meeting drew to a close I felt for the two officers and when she said is that it for today. I had to speak up and say:

I know we have not been here very long, but can I just say how welcomed we have be made to feel and how beautiful the apartments are, such a beautiful location and everywhere is spotlessly clean .

Large man’s thin wife:  That’s because we have meetings like this, we keep the standards up.

Two officers: Thank you that is lovely to hear and nice to end the meeting on a positive.

Quick I said to John let’s get out of here before we get lynched ! and we hurried out of the lounge saying Bye bye everyone.

To be fair a few people did say Goodbye back to us, the rest are probably plotting our demise !

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