I’ve done it again 😟

Well I can’t believe I am writing about this subject again, it embarrassing to admit but once again I’ve eaten myself ill. I am so good at telling everyone else the benefits to eating less sugar and fats and in my case meat πŸ˜”

Yesterday I made a large pan of healthy stew, in it were parsnips, carrots, onion, swede, sweet corn, potatoes and some stewed beef. I didn’t have lots of it honestly 😳 I also had liquorice all sorts, crisps, cakes and ice cream 🍦

I have had a lot of aches and pains the last few days and put it down to cutting down on my vitamin D.Β So last night I decided to take some more, I take mine in liquid form because I have allergies to what they wrap around the tablet! So what did I do πŸ™„ I made a bowl of porridge so I could add the vitamin. 😐





New profile photo below!


I started with indigestion so I took some peptic stuff 😬 Then said I was going to bed. By this time everything ached, even the soles of my feet. My fingers, wrists, ankles, knees, legs and the other places in between. 🀀

I didn’t get the best nights sleep and ended up taking an extra prescribed acid remedy tablet. Today I still feel like πŸ’© only I’m not smiling!

I am back on my healthy eating, fish, salads and seriously cutting down on bread. I told John I was throwing out all the cakes we had in the cupboard but he barred my way and said he would eat them.

Johns new photo below 😏 he won’t appreciate this 😬


So today after limping out of bed I am eating limited healthy amounts of food, drinking lots of water and NOT having any sugar. Honestly.

P.S. too weak to paint today πŸ˜©πŸ™„πŸ€‘Β 


  1. So allergies , indigestion , hunger and sickness πŸ˜• not good weekend.
    Too much cakes does that , my mom had the same indigestion a few years back.
    Get well soon πŸ’

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  2. I ALWAYS feel like poo when I indulge in sugar. Doesn’t matter if it is a spoonful in coffee, or a cupcake..or a huge bag of candy. It always ends badly. So sorry you feel like crap sweetie.

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  3. Please continue to listen to your body. It is telling you what not to eat. Too much sugar and fatty food cause more ill health than drinking large quantities of alcohol and smoking profusely, combined. I enjoy your blog too much to loose you!

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  4. Poor you 😦 and do you get enough sleep? I get ill when I’m sleep deprived. I’m below par myself. think I have pleurisy (GP friend confirmed it’s likely). I don’t get ill often and think I’m on my way out when I do haha! Rest up and look after yourself. x

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      1. I don’t feel too bad. My GP friend wasn’t concerned because I’m not coughing or short of breath. Perhaps it’s my pancreas. I need to stop googling haha! This turned around to be about me, sorry. Please you take care! x

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  5. Oh, I’m soooo sorry! I usually feel this way during the holidays or visiting long distant friends and family – you know (all too well) the loss of self control. Why do we do this to ourselves? Feel better soon friend.

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  6. Oh no I hope you feel better soon! Also maybe if you’re craving something sweet you can find sugar free cakes/biscuits if you’re allowed to eat a bit of those?

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    1. It’s 1.33 am here I’m up because one of my shoulders is hurting 😩 swede is turnip ? I had very little to eat yesterday, I swear I am going to eat better and stay away from all the rubbish foods.

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