Confession part two.

Please read part one of my confession otherwise you won’t have a clue what I’m writing about which wouldn’t be a first because being an Aquarius subject I tend to jump from one subject to another 😏 hence two subjects in one post!

John and I were out most of the morning, he never mentioned the jug of water, I knew he was waiting for me to bring it up and when we were sat in the car having our car hand washed our conversation went like this.

Me:  I can’t believe how long you leave the car in between washes, I feel embarrassed it disgustingly dirty

John: Oh give over, it’s not that bad

Me: Not bad, it’s got cobwebs hanging from your wing mirror.

John: Watching the young men doing the car gave an embarrassed snort, They’re putting more wheel cleaner on

Me: How bad is that, why are you laughing, are you proud of the fact the car needs double wheel cleaner.

John:  They probably think we have been on holiday

Me: yeah on a world trip.

John: it’s looks different

Me: yes because now you can see what colour it is 🙄

🤷🏼‍♀️ Confession part two

Me:  oh and by the way I noticed that you had put a jug of water in the fridge

John:  Yes and I want you to drink it and tell me what you think

Me: Looking out of the car window. 😳

John: it’s a waste of money buying bottled water

We got home and sure enough he came towards me with a large glass of water.

John: Drink this and tell me what you think

Me: You have a drink first

John: raising his eyebrows took a big drink, beautiful he said, passing the glass to me

Me: I had a sip and immediately tasted the lemon juice I had put in!  It tastes funny I said a bit lemony

He took the glass back and had another drink, hmm frowning, maybe a bit he said. I fell about laughing

I told him what I had done.

Me:  You have not got a taste bud in your body, you had no idea.

John: Trust you to sabotage my experiment, I am going to fill another jug for tomorrow 😐

Me: Hmm, now should I put bicarbonate of soda in there or sugar !  👹



  1. LOL i was Waiting for the conclusion all day!
    The question is : if he didn’t notice it the first time, what’s the point in sabotaging the new water ?? Will he notice ? Or would he know it was you?
    You know what ? If i were you i would have put chicken broth instead. But it’s to late now 😁😂

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