1. We are in the process of trying to get good copies of the paintings so I can do some greeting cards. The poetry wouldn’t be a problem, poetry seems easy at the side of painting!

          How’s your Dad? I had got lost in the system 😬 I got a phone call to make an appointment to see the specialist 27 December! and when I told them I had even had the MRI scan they did it two days later 🙄

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          1. Oh dear, my dad got lost in the system too. I hope you don’t get mucked around any more 😦 He’s feeling ok, but his body is sore and he has no appetite. We’ll see how it goes.

            It’s funny you should mention cards; I was dreaming of creating cards with unusual poems yesterday and I even looked into it. You could open an Etsy page and send your photos for printing to somewhere like: media29.co.uk or find a place who prints smaller amounts to start you off. Good luck!

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