A few days away.

We have just returned from a few day away visiting our little static caravan. The park is situated on an island which has a weir on one side and a river on the other side. I took a few photos which I hope you will enjoy.

These are taken on the river side:




And the following were taken on the weir side, if we ever win the lottery I thing I would like to be near the weir, although it maybe noisy πŸ˜‰





I took this last photo on our way home on the move!


Elaine x


  1. Elaine! GORGEOUS!!! What a peaceful, loving environment to spend a few days in! Thanks for sharing the photos! I do hope you win the lottery so you can get a place there. It’s so peaceful from your photos!!

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  2. A beautiful setting Elaine. Now I know why you haven’t posted paintings, you have been having a well earned break!
    My swimming pool is the same colour as the river in your photo, a result of all the sand being dumped into it after Tuesday’s cyclone.

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  3. It looks so incredibly peaceful there. Ahhh… I have had my bit of nature now! Thank you πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoyed every single moment. Take it with you and let it breathe life into your paintings.

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