Wordpress is it a numbers game!

Here is something completely different from me, but go on humour the old English woman πŸ˜‰


How important are numbers to you?

Did you join word pressΒ to gain a following?

Is it important to you that your posts get likes and comments?

Do you constantly check to see what the scores on the doors are?

Do you link to other successful sites to try to increase your own following?

Did you join word press to gain publicity?

Do you take time to read other people’s blogs?

Did you join word press to spread a message?

Did you join to make friends all over the world?

Did you join to learn something?

Do you ever press like without reading the full post 😳

Does word press ever drain the life out of you?

I am interested to your reason for joining word press although I am pretty sure that I will get more likes than reasons for joining!

Elaine x