Mother knows best for eldest daughter and daughter!

Elsie had an answer for everything.
Elsie had an answer for everything.

I only have one sister and she is older than me by three years, she is the manager of a respite home and she phones me on her way home from work on her hands free. She calls into to see our mother and she likes to know what to expect when she gets there!  I am usually painting when she rings me and I hold my mobile in one hand and paint brush in the other hand, I’ve become quite good at painting and talking/laughing on the phone. This was our conversation the other day.

Sister: Hi Elaine, how are you?

Me: Fine thanks, how are you?

Sister: I’m good thanks, I’m just going to see our mother is there anything I should know?

Me: I spoke to her this morning, she was going on about the neighbour next door, she is convinced that they are shaking their rose bushes so that the petals fall onto her lawn

Sister, laughing, I know it’s bad.

Me: Mum says she is not going out again to pick them up because she thinks that’s what they want her to do.

Sister: She really dislikes them doesn’t she.

Me: Yes, she was telling me that his wife hangs out her washing in her dressing gown!

Sister: laughing, hmm and she is not impressed with the washing either

Me: I know, it is all red apparently, red bedding no less

Sister: yes, and the wife wears big lacy knickers (the hussy)

Me: I would hate to live next door to our mother, although I don’t think she would be like that if they were nice people.  You only need to cross mother once and you know about it.

Sister: When I call to see her I am not allowed to look in the neighbors direction, I keep my head down and run up her path because she watches me through the window to see if I acknowledge them or God forbid I smile at them.

Me: You’re far too soft, don’t let her intimidate you

Sister: You know me, anything for a quiet life.

Me: I took her to the doctors the other day

Sister: I bet that was fun

Me: I think the doctor must think we have quaker blood running through our veins

Sister: Why, what do you mean?

Me: It’s embarrassing,  mum calls us eldest daughter and daughter

Sister: laughing , I know I don’t know why she does that

Me: When I take to hospital appointments and the specialist asks her who I am she replies “ This is the daughter.

Sister giggling

Me: At least you get the title of eldest daughter, I’m just daughter. Her doctor likes her. He is only young and I think she amuses him when she tells him she has been looking up her symptoms on the internet.  He has learnt not to rush her, the other day when she went she told him that she kept getting a pain in her side and he asked her to hop onto the couch. She said she wished she could but her hopping days are over. That made him laugh.

Sister: I am so glad you take her to her appointments and not me

Me: I bet you are, I’m dreading the next one at the hospital

Sister: what the one with the new specialist who is not as charming as the old one

Me: hmm, he is great, but he is not one to listen to her waffling on, so he interrupts her to keep her from going off course

Sister: oh he is a brave man

Me: Hmm I am sweating hoping she won’t hop over the desk and deck him

Sister: It’s a good job her hopping days are over.

Me: I think she could still hop if she wanted to.

Sister: I’m just pulling up outside her house now, I better get ready to sprint up the path

Mum: Yes, run like the wind and good luck.


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