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Elsie had an answer for everything.
Elsie had an answer for everything.


I think I have mentioned before that my mother is an avid online shopper, not with Amazon like me, she shops for clothes. She was always extremely slim when she was younger but now she is what you would call an apple shape. Not that I would tell her that ย ๐Ÿ˜ณ I’m not that stupid. ๐Ÿ™„ Last week we had this telephone conversation.

Mum: Christine (my older sister) was showing me two dresses that she was going to order online from ******

Me: Oh, were they nice?

Mum: They looked alright, I used to order stuff from them until they started making stuff in smaller sizes

Me: Oh so it wasn’t you that put weight on?

Mum: (ignoring my comment). I told Christine that I would have a look for something myself and order her stuff on my account

Me: What did she say?

Mum: ย She was pleased because that way her husband won’t see she is buying yet more stuff.

Me: She is always buying stuff, then she says she can’t afford to retire!

Mum: hmm, anyway I’ve ordered a couple of blouses, a skirt and her two dresses and it came to ยฃ123

Me: That’s a lot ๐Ÿ˜‰

Mum: hmm,ย they are coming on Saturday, our Christine is going to the caravan until Monday so she will have to wait for hers.


I never gave it another thought until Saturday ย when my mum rang me and said:

Mum: You know that stuff I ordered online for Christine and me.

Me: Yes, has it come?

Mum: ย Oh yes itsย come

Me: and?

Mum: I’ve never seen anything like it, ย rubbish, absolute rubbish!

Me: Well, what a surprise ๐Ÿ™„

Mum: ย I thought they might have got some new stuff in and improved, anyway I’ve rung them up and told them to send someone to pick it up on Monday

Me: What about Christine’s dresses, she is not home until Monday night.?

Mum: They were rubbish I didn’t even bother opening them

Me: Actually gasping, I think you should let her see them first mum.

Mum: It’s too late , I’ve taped everything up and it’s all going back. The man on the phone said: ” can I ask why you’re sending them back”

Me: knowing what was coming said, “and you said”?

Mum: I said because they are bloody rubbish, like tissue paper and I told him that they needed to get some better material ย AND that I will never be ordering from them again.

Me: ย I bet he loved you.

Mum: I’m ย not bothered if he loved me or not, he needed telling

Me: ย He probably just works in a call centre mother he won’t order in the material

Mum: Well he can pass it on to his boss ๐Ÿ˜ 

Me: I can’t believe you are sending the stuff back without even letting Christine see what she ordered.

Mum: Well I am. They weren’t even bright coloured they looked wishy washy

Mum: Well you’ve shocked me.

Mum: Aye, and it shocked me when I opened the parcelย ๐Ÿ˜ค

Me: Poor Christine ๐Ÿ™

Mum: Poor nothing, I’ve done her a favour, if she wants to see them she will have to order them to go to her house next time. It was my ยฃ123 and it is going back. It’s going to cost me ยฃ3.99 to get the rubbish sent back. That is the LAST time I’m ordering anything from them.

Me: I seem to remember you saying that last time.

Mum: hmm, now I’m going, my dinners ready.



  1. I’ve never ordered online but my son has. Interestingly enough the cargo pants he ordered (2 pair) ended up coming from England at a price 1/2 the cost of ordering online in Canada or the States and the product was excellent, above reproach. I’ve always worried about ordering online because I’m more concerned it would be rubbish and you’d take forever to get your money back. So I’m in two worlds on that one. For me personally, I like (ok I hate going clothes shopping) but I’d rather that than order online. When I was a kid we ordered through the catalogue and it was excellent, truly. But that was then and Sears and this is now. Time they are a changing.


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