Listen to my story ✨


Listen to my story

of my life gone by

gather round you people

my words will make you sigh


can you hear my heartbeat

can you see my soul

can you touch my spirit

can you make me whole


My story is a long one

of many ups and downs

there has been much laughter

then tears and many frowns


Do you see my spirit

do you see my soul

you are the one to heal me

Only you can make me whole


I’m begging for forgiveness

I’m repenting all my past

it was a phase I went through

never something that would last


Will my spirit be cleansed now

will my heart be whole

Will my spirit sing again

will forgiveness be your goal


Can you hear my heartbeat

can you heal my soul

can you heal my body

can you make me whole.


CopyrightΒ Β© 2017 Rose Elaine, all rights reserved.



    1. It was actually a song that was going around in my head , so clever of you to pick up that one Kim 😁 my heart and soul are good it’s my health that is causing some concern. Feeling better today though πŸ˜‰

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  1. This is kind of sad. But surely you have no worries, being so spiritual. ❀️
    I don’t remember seeing the dark painting, trees and sky. I really like it! What’s new, pussycat? πŸ˜‰

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, it was something that began spinning around in my head when I was laying in bed. The first verse would not leave me in peace so I wrote it down then the rest of it tumbled out 😳


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