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I went to take my mum to the doctors this morning for a repeat blood test after the last blood test last Thursday showed further deterioration of both her kidneys and liver. She has been seeing a kidney specialist for a few years, or should that be we have!ย  The last time we went it was a new man, the previous man and mum got on great guns. He would sit and smile at her and she would tell him he was a good-looking man. I think he was Egyptian and he oozed charm.

This new specialist says it as it is, I liked him straight away. ย Mum and I then had the following conversation.

Me: We may have to see that new specialist again if your blood is showing deterioration.

Mum: ย I hope not she said, I hate him!

Me: Give over, he was a nice man, he said it as it was

Mum: I liked the other one better

Me: He told you what you wanted to hear and then sat and smiled at you, this one tells it as it is.

Mum:ย  No I donโ€™t like him at all

Me: But you have only seen him for 10 minutes give him a chance, he did say if your tests changed you would have to have another tablet but they donโ€™t give it unless they really must

Mum: Hmm, (Changing the subject) Have you seen the two houses across?

Me: Yes, they both have their blinds closed

Mum: Itโ€™s ridiculous I canโ€™t see anything now, although I saw that new chap going out this morning for some shopping. I donโ€™t think he will be here much longer

Me: What do you mean, he has only just moved in

Mum: Well he looked beggared when he got back, I donโ€™t think he is long for this world

Me: Oh mother, donโ€™t kill him off yet

Mum: He keeps having a man visitor, I think he is gay

Me: Maybe that is why he gets on with your next-door neighbour?

Mum: Well when he moved in he had a double bed, you donโ€™t have a double bed when you live on your own

Me: Some people like having a double bed

Mum: No, not when you’re living on your own

Me: Does that mean he wonโ€™t be my new daddy then

Mum: (looking horrified) there will be no new men coming here

Me: I know, I was joking mother

Mum: Itโ€™s like waiting for death round here with all the blinds shut.

We went to the doctors and the nurse said that really, she should not be having another blood test for at least a week after the last one. Mum insisted on having one and after the nurse spoke with the doctor he said she could have one but we may still have to go back in a few days! Weโ€™ll see.

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  1. and I’m with your mother on this one, if you have to see a doc, why not a sexy gorgeous one???? the news they give will be easier to take with wink wink seriously I would rather the truth. I usually have my doc in stitches. both laugh at me and we had his wife in the front desk and the waiting room wondering what we were up to roflmao ah such is life. hehe

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  2. Ah! The blinds ๐Ÿ™‚ They must REALLY bother her! The happenings in her area are her entertainment. It is like the cable has been shut off with those blinds closed ๐Ÿ™‚ And if she has to go to the Dr (and not the charmer) then they better make it worth her while and take the blood ๐Ÿ™‚ Love hearing about her day!

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