Mother is not happy!

I spoke to my mother this morning and she was a bit put out, our conversation went like this

Me: Hi Mum, how are you today

Mum: I’m not so bad

Me: Oh, that’s okay then

Mum: It’s very quiet up here

Me: That’s good isn’t it

Mum: Well you know I told you the new man had bought vertical blinds like mine

Me: Yes

Mum: Well since he put them up at the weekend he has not opened them

Me: Is that bad

Mum: Well yes, I can’t see anything

Me: More like he can’t see anything, do you think he is living in the kitchen

Mum: He must be

Me: I can’t understand why people don’t open their blinds or curtains, I could not sit in a room without natural light coming in

Mum: It wouldn’t be too bad but the old lady next door to him has been taken in to hospital and her blinds are shut as well.

Me: Really, what happened

Mum: Well she is another one away with the fairies, in fact she is losing it by the day. She decided to walk up to the shop with the 95-year-old, you have never seen anything like it.

Me: Why?

Mum: They were holding hands

Me: What?

Mum: I tell you they were holding hands, then the next news I saw Dorothy (the 95-year-old) coming back to her house with a man

Me: What?

Mum: Yes, 95 and she took him in to her house, she needs to be careful

Me: You’re not wrong there

Mum: Well the next time I looked out of the window there was an ambulance outside

Me: Outside where?

Mum: Across the cul-de-sac, they opened the back door and helped the lady across road out and she had a big bandage on her head, it looked like a turban, her head was twice its normal size

Me: laughing, (I am laughing typing this, but I swear this is a true story)

Mum: Yes, they led her out and Dorothy (the 95-year-old) was sitting with the driver in the front of the ambulance and they were laughing.

Me: I bet they were, I bet he was hysterical trying to get her out.

Mum: She is a silly beggar

Me: So, what happened then

Mum: She went in to her house then later the ambulance must have been called back because they took her away

Me: So, she is still in hospital

Mum: yes, I doubt she will be back, she is not fit to live on her own anymore. So, her daughter came to the house and closed all her blinds. It’s depressing all the closed blinds across road.

Me: Never mind they will probably be emptying it soon so you will have something to watch, in fact I might come and watch too

Mum: You are a nosey beggar

Me: Hmm, I don’t know where I get it from!

Mum: Not from me, I’m going now


Copyright©2017 Rose Elaine, all rights reserved.


  1. Love the story. The new man and the 95 years old lady next door – was she holding hand with the new guy? You mom wanted to see the new man? When the blind were all closed, was she worried that they were gone? Thank you for the story!

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