I wanted to do something similar to a Yvonne Coomber painting but not the same if that makes sense 🙄 I am very conscious that I want my own style then I can’t be accused of copying which is quite difficult. I suppose I’m trying to find my niche although John tells me I need to learn a lot more through doing different styles. 🤗

I thought painting would get easier the more I do. In one way it does regarding doing faces, but I seem to be my own worst critic wanting to do better and better and feeling frustrated when I don’t get something right.

I said to John that I was perhaps thinking like this because we have spent so much money on a printer and paper. His reply was , “That doesn’t matter, we can always use it to print our family’s photos” 😳

I know without doubt everything will come together, I feel it and if I feel it I can do it. I suppose it’s that old adage no pain no gain and writers trying to publish their work feel the pain. 😬

Then again I’ve only been painting two months lol so what is my problem? I know I’m just a wuss. 🙄 Harmony should return when I find my niche!



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