1. Oh wow. Simply gorgeous! I have bought materials this year to start “learning” how to paint. Have not found time yet, but seeing the beauty you have created just makes me want to try!

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      1. it’s brilliant! It is not easy to do faces and you did an awesome job. The painting on black, her face was beautiful as well, you managed to capture feelings, and that is incredible, not easy by any means so that you have come this far this soon is astounding and wonderful!

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    1. I have always wore make up so I just paint the face as if I am putting make up on, shading down the side of the nose and the cheek bones. The beauty of it is that I can paint over it time and time again that way lots of colours build up and do the shading for me. 🐣

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  2. WOW!!!! I see you are now painting on a black background. I must say, this is lovely. The expression is so lovely. I feel like she is saying, “There! There! Come here now”. Ha Ha! Loved it.

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