Mum can still see 🌹

I rang my mum this morning and our conversation went like this.

Me: Hello mum, how’s your eye today?

Mum:  It’s alright, I can still see 👽

Me: You should be able to see, you’ve just had it done.

Mum:   It’s a right performance now on a morning I don’t know what to do first

Me: why, what do you mean? 😒

Mum: Well they gave some eye drops yesterday to take four times a day.  I have my drops for dry eyes, then I have a tablet to take half an hour before food.  I also have four other tablets to take and then that sniffer thing for breathing and my latest sniffer thing for rinotitus

Me: rinotitus do you mean rhinitis

Mum: I don’t know, it stops my nose from running. I thought it was rubbish at first but the doctor said it will take a week or so to start working

Me: I like Dr Smith he is a nice young doctor

Mum:   I think he likes me to go and see him. I think I make his job easier because I always look online before I go to see him, then I can tell him what’s wrong with me,  he always smiles.

Me: I bet he does. 😏

Mum:   I think I cheer him up when I see him, we usually have a laugh.

Me: I bet you do

Mum: well I better get off and make some breakfast although with all the tablets and sniffer things I’ve taken I’m not that hungry. Goodbye 😊


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