It’s a miracle mum can see again


I took my mum to a laser eye specialist today, she had previously had two cataracts removed last year but one eye had grown a skin across which I am told is quite common and after a trip to the opticians she was referred to her doctor who then sent her privately to a clinic.

I feel for my mum at times, she is 86 this month and she refuses to be thought of as old. When we got to the clinic, we were led in to a room so she could have an eye test and I sat and watched.

I could not believe how little my mum could see out of one of her eyes, I even told the optician that I thought she needed a white stick, much to my mother’s disgust. (I was only joking) Β Then they applied eye drop after eye drop until her pupils were like big black circles, very alien looking, mum told me to stop staring at her but I was mesmerised! My mother the alien πŸ‘½

After the test, we went into another room until it was her turn to go in the for the treatment.Β When she was called in to the room It took about 10 minutes for them to laser her eye and she was ready to go.

When we left the clinic, I suggested that she put her sunglasses on and she agreed that she would, Β but they were coming off before she got home. No way was any neighbours going to see my mum in sun glasses! I did not mention she would frighten them if they saw her πŸ‘½

When we arrived back at her house I decided to stay and have some lunch with her, then she told me that she had a few jobs for me. The new net curtain I had put up for her a couple of weeks ago in the lounge she wanted moving in to the bedroom and the blinds in the bedroom putting in the lounge.

I had to smile, I am so much like my mother it scares me. She said it was a miracle that she could see now and that she would be able to start reading again at bedtime.

I’ve told her that I am going to take my large box of my paintings to show her because now she can see them properly she should be able to appreciate them. She raised her eyes, I’m not holding my breath! πŸ‘½πŸ™Š

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