Mother knows best. It’s the principle 🌹


Elsie had an answer for everything.

Elsie had an answer for everything.


Todays telephone conversation with my mother.

You know I ordered that wire scoop thing, for scooping things out of pans

Me:  Yes, from Amazon

Mum:  Yes, I ordered it on the 28 February, it still hasn’t come so I looked online and it says it’s out of stock. Due to be delivered next week.

Me:  That’s strange they usually tell you when you order if it’s in stock or not

Mum:  Hmm well I sent them an email telling them not to bother sending it and do you know what the cheeky beggar replied

Me:   You’re too late to cancel you order!

Mum:   Yes, how do you know that?

Me:   Once it’s gone through the process you can’t cancel it, but you can refuse delivery.

Mum:   That’s what they said and that is what I am going to do.

Me:   How much was it?

Mum:  £1.81

Me:  You’re having a laugh, £1.81

Mum: Yes, and the email said, can’t I give it to someone else as a present !

Me:    Mother for £1.81 you can give it to me

Mum:   I will not it is the principle

ME:   So, you’re going to refuse it and then wait for your £1.81 to show back in your bank account.

Mum:   I am, and the Amazon delivery man tends to put any parcels inside my porch window, so I have shut it. So he will get a shock.

Me: What!

Mum: I have shut the window so he can’t push it through. He shouldn’t do that anyway, last time he damaged some carnations I had in pots.

Me:    Mum, just keep it I will buy it off you.

Mum:  No, It’s the principle

Me: So you’re causing all this controversy over an item costing £1.81

Mum:  It’s the principle. Anyway, I will get off the rugby has started again, I was only passing time ringing you at half time.  Goodbye.


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