Back from the Yorkshire Dales


We are back from the Yorkshire Dales after a lovely couples of days away. Here are a few more photo’s for you to take a look at:


John checking his tracker 😉






All these photographs were taken within the grounds of the accommodation where we stayed over to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We would not hesitate to visit here again it was excellent.

Elaine x


  1. How very beautiful the countryside is. I adore the crenelated tops of buildings, and the pic you took of the stables is wonderful. Thanks so much for taking me along through your blog. I will never get there in person but feel like I have seen the Dales for myself now.

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    1. Your welcome, I still have a few more photos to post and we are thinking of hiring a mobile home and working our way through the Dales. They really are so beautiful 🌹…. ps I try to leave comments on your site but it keeps saying error 😬


    1. Thanks Phyllis, it was easy because everything was so beautiful, I am stepping back a bit writing now to concentrate on painting but still reading your posts 😉🌹I’ve deleted quite a lot of my followers because most of them only followed me in the hope I would follow them back, jewellery and clothes sites etc. Will keep in touch 🙂


      1. Awesome, I don’t want to lose you. You are a constant delight. And I agree, it seems I have many that only follow unti I dont follow them back, or their criteria is follow me I’ll follow you. Not interested. I love writing, conversing and exchange ideas thoughts, what life throws at us. Your tid bits are always delightful. xoxo

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