Inner peace 🌹


When did it become so important to acquire more and more material things and why do so many people measure success with material gain.

I sit and reflect on the days gone by when I was on that treadmill of getting up early and rushing off to work to find success through selling,  although I preferred to call it advising as opposed to selling, because I wanted to find the best solution for the customer.

Then I would get paid,  buy more and more material things or go on holidays.  I describe it now as being in a circle going round and round. My ex husband hated his job but saw it as a means to an end to enable material gains, holidays and of course the look at me status.

I could never work in a job that I was not happy in, life is too short for that. That is why I probably changed jobs so much!  I hated working anywhere when there was negativity. Everywhere I worked I would come across people who hated and moaned about their jobs…. to me it was simple if you hated your job you changed it.

Its only in later life that I have come to realise that these people probably did not hate their jobs, no I think they were discontented with their lives.

I too went down the self help books, setting goals, achieving goals, setting more, earning more. Did it bring me success?  Yes, Did it bring me happiness?  Yes in an egotistical way. Did I feel happy?  No, because I knew there had to be more to life.

It was then I realised, there was so much more to life than ego, material and recognition for being successful.

That is when I finally began to find inner peace, which I know will always be work in progress. I have learnt to silence my ego (although it does still appear now and again)

I appreciate all what is around me and it’s all free. I don’t feel that I need to impress anyone (apart from my mother) but I’m working through that one. 😬

Remember, life is for living and enjoying, life is short and we only have one life. Enjoy yours.


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  1. It’s really nice that you realised how important other things in life are apart from having a well paying job and impressing others because so many people spend their entire life just chasing after money and end up not doing anything that would truly make them happy.

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    1. That is true, the sad thing is that they don’t even realise that there doing it ! I understand that we have to work to live and I sympathise with people who are struggling to live. This post, I suppose was aimed at the people who have lots yet still want more.

      Each to their own 🌹

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      1. Yeah exactly they just keep wanting more and don’t realise it’s a never ending struggle. People who need to work should but sometimes I think even people who already have so much get carried away and don’t realise they are wasting their life away. I guess money is a very seductive thing and people just unconsciously seem to get obsessed with it.

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  2. That is so true. There’s more to life than just chasing success, burning it on holidays and sales, then chasing it again. It’s a sad cycle and a sad life for many of us who are caught up in its web. At the end of our lifes one day, we leave this earth with none of the things we spent all our lifetime for. We must keep learning to make the best of what we have now.

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  3. Well said! I couldn’t agree more!
    You made a good point about how people who seem unhappy at work are likely unhappy in life. It makes a lot of sense when I look back on some of the people I used to work with who were always so negative and dissatisfied at work. They were that way with the rest of their life as well. These were the people who always assumed everything was always going to go wrong in life, so naturally they found ways to prove themselves right.

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  4. Inner peace, priceless. Life’s for living, for sure. I remember my psychology professor said, when you stay up all night, you burn the candle on both end. Even when we sleep in the next or the next day, it won’t make up for the other end that burned. It takes out by shortening the end of one’s life! Wow, I don’t know if it is a proven fact, but people who want just ‘one more thing’ and work their tails off, really look aged sooner.

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