Mum just rang me and this was our conversation.

Mum: I’ve got that email of the photo of that fish you painted

Me: Oh yes, what did you think?

Mum: I think it’s bloody rubbish

Me: It’s on my blog now and some people actually like it.

Mum: I would not have shown myself up putting that online

Me: Laughing, I only put it online because another young blogger and I said we would both do one.

Mum: It’s just a big round ball

Me: That because I had painted other things underneath it and had to cover it up.

Mum: Well I would not have bothered. It’s not even got a mouth

Me: It has got a mouth, you’re not looking properly, look closer

Mum: I’ve drawn it closer up on the screen and there is no mouth on the fish

Me: I’d like to see you have a go at painting something

Mum:  I’ve better things to do with my time than paint a fish that look like a ball

Me: Changing the subject…. Anyway how are you feeling today (she has been having a lot of aches and pains)

Mum: I’m alright

Me: So your still aching then (she does not like to moan about her health)

Mum: There on their way out now

Me:  Oh a bit like you then 😉

Mum: who had to laugh…. Yes, now I’ve things to do! Goodbye.

I often wonder how I would have turned out if I had been encouraged and taught to believe in myself more when I was a child.   I would encourage anyone with young children around them to encourage and praise them in their own individual activities because self belief builds confidence which is very important in later life.


Nothing wrong with my fish and it has got a little smiley mouth !    ❤️

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