Mother’s never lie, do they? 🌹

Mum just rang me and this was our conversation.

Mum: I’ve got that email of the photo of that fish you painted

Me: Oh yes, what did you think?

Mum: I think it’s bloody rubbish

Me: It’s on my blog now and some people actually like it.

Mum: I would not have shown myself up putting that online

Me: Laughing, I only put it online because another young blogger and I said we would both do one.

Mum: It’s just a big round ball

Me: That because I had painted other things underneath it and had to cover it up.

Mum: Well I would not have bothered. It’s not even got a mouth

Me: It has got a mouth, you’re notΒ looking properly, look closer

Mum: I’ve drawn it closer up on the screen and there is no mouth on the fish

Me: I’d like to see you have a go at painting something

Mum:Β Β I’ve better things to do with my time than paint a fish that look like a ball

Me: Changing the subject…. Anyway how are you feeling today (she has been having a lot of aches and pains)

Mum: I’m alright

Me: So your still aching then (she does not like to moan about her health)

Mum: There on their way out now

Me: Β Oh a bit like you then πŸ˜‰

Mum: who had to laugh…. Yes, now I’ve things to do! Goodbye.

I often wonder how I would have turned out if I had been encouraged and taught to believe in myself more when I was a child. Β  I would encourage anyone with young children around them to encourage and praise them in their own individual activities because self belief builds confidence which is very important in later life.


Nothing wrong with my fish and it has got a little smiley mouth !    ❀️

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  1. Lol, oh Mum.
    I think that is a good observation and point to make-about building confidence in children by letting them know you appreciate or think there creations/ ability to ride a bike, etc ( specific things ) are wonderful! I shall keep this in mind!

  2. Haha your mum has become one of my favorite people to read about!
    By the way I couldn’t finish my painting because I had to go to the agents office for my application and stuff but it will be done by next week for sure!! You’ll probably see it on a post soon πŸ™‚

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  3. You betcha Elaine, at least sometimes. You go girl or maybe why don’t you try it out the other way. Anyway we didn’t come out all the worse for it, we can surely pass on the good we learnt and do the good we thought they should have. πŸ˜‰ Say hi to your mom (and that might be another blog πŸ˜„)


  4. I read this in my email then cam here to see the fish, i see a mouth. But I must be completely honest with you on something….. We are all different and I realized many years ago that is. If my parents were the type of parents I wanted, like being there for me, being unselfish, being supportive or present for that matter. I would be a different person of course, maybe not the strong one I am today, that everyone counts on. Even my main blog site (this one is not for my families eyes) My dad said the other day, “I will read it when I want to, don’t ever ask me to do anything. I don’t like to feel forced!” Ugh… but anger made me want to express myself through painting and writing, like you. The only catch I do my best work when I am angry. …. though now I live an ocean away from home and am happy, I’m trying to write and paint as a happy person….. eeeeeehhhhee… You never know, if ur parents were the supportive type on who you wold be. To me you seem pretty cool as u are, from just reading your posts. Coming from a mother woman who is a stranger, I hope it says a lot !

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    1. That says a lot πŸ˜‰ I think everyone goes through the stages of worshipping, judging and then accepting their parents. I honestly believe that my parents did the best that they could for me, just as I have for my two daughters. It is pointless looking back and saying what if! I love my mother very much just as she loves me. I have to accept her as she is, just as she accepts me. She has many good qualities and when my previous husband left I could not have managed without her help to which I was very grateful. We can only do the best that we can. Thanks for seeing the fishes mouth though πŸŸπŸŸπŸŸπŸŸπŸŸπŸ˜‰

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      1. I must say something….. I think that when we get a certain awareness(as i think you already have), we realize that our parents are human and do the best or the only way they know how.
        I say “a certain awareness”, because my mother, though my grandma has passed still has not accepted that she was just a human…. I on the other hand have accepted this of my mother. Though she was “Terrible” as a mother, I would not wanted her to be anything else. Because I would not have become me.
        Oh, I see a smile on ur fish! hihiihiiiiii


  5. I loved the dialogue between you and your mother
    Big brown ball .. Lol
    She’s funny
    Mothers are adorable
    My mother supports and loves me but at the same time would be a strong critic of my choices, actions and behaviours so when I get appreciated once in a while, I feel so happy about it.
    But as you said, the do their best to be there for us so even if they are not generous with praises, their being part of our lives make us feel secure like a baby and that’s great.
    As a kid and teenager, I used to be told about lots of stuff that originated from their experiences and I ignored it like every kid does but by now I have come to the realisation that they don’t want us to get hurt and maybe we would be equally protective and controlling and loving for someone half our age.
    It’s like having a pup, letting it play but keeping it in front of your eyes so that it doesn’t end up hurting itself.
    I feel like being a pup to my brother and parents ☺
    Loved your write up.

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