I’m being serious now!



When I read some of the posts on WordPress I sometimes hear the song Count Your Blessing One By One going around in my head and I think to myself:

How fortunate that I am that I am not starving,

How fortunate that I am to have reasonable health

How fortunate that I have the money to buy the essential things

How fortunate that I am not living in a war zone.

I could go on and on 😏


I always try to remain positive.

I am extremely grateful for everything that I have

Life is too short to worry about things that may not even happen.

In all seriousness, we have one life to enjoy, we don’t know when it will end,  so my philosophy is to try to remember to smile, think positive and live in the moment because life is a gift and we are so lucky to have it.


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  1. Thank you for your comment about my post on positivity! You are so right…a positive attitude and a smile can go a long way to diminish those disastrous negative thoughts! The first step is to just say hello to someone with a smile on your face…no matter how you might feel inside! It is amazing how you begin to change your inner thoughts1

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