Birthday weekend treat.๐ŸŒน


I have had the most amazing weekend away with my two daughters Catherine and Louise to the Yorkshire Dales, to a place called The Saddle Rooms at Coverdale in Leyburn, England. We arrived at our destination after first stopping in the little village of Middleham for lunch and although it was raining we still had a walk around looking in the craft shops


When we got to where we were staying the first thing we saw coming down the sweeping driveway were hounds and riders as the photographs above and below.


Unfortunately it was still raining which prevented better photo’s but I think you can still get a feel of what it was like to see approx 50 hounds running in front of about 30 horses. We sat in the car watching and got more than a few waves from the riders. Fox hunting is obviously banned now so they basically were going out for a gallop. Then we drove into the driveway to be met by fields of sheep, not your normal everyday sheep but these tall creatures. Who enjoyed looking at us too.



Everything was absolutely perfect, although we had stone floors the cottage was not lukewarm it was lovely and cosy.

We had booked a table for dinner in the restaurant which is a five star and it certainly did not disappoint.I have to say it was just what I needed, a perfect weekend away in the company of my two beautiful daughters who are both beautiful on the inside and outside. Lots of reminiscing and lots of laughter too.


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  1. Firstly Happy Birthday. You don’t look half as bad as someone twice your age LOL but I figured you must be from Yorkshire when I saw your holiday picture at Bridlington in 1963. I spent many pleasant days stationed at Caterick around that time too.

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    1. Thank you , yes I’m a Yorkshire lass ๐Ÿ˜Š born and bred. Blackpool and Bridlington holidays year in year out as a child, can’t stick those places now. More of a Lakes and Dales person now (must be my age). ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. What a delightful opportunity to share with your daughters. I’m thrilled you had a lovely time, Elaine. Many happy returns on your birthday. It looks wonderful and a delightful place to be.

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  3. โ™ฅโ™ซโ™ช Happy birthday to you โ™ชโ™ซ, Happy birthday to you โ™ชโ™ซ, Happy birthday to Elaine โ™ชโ™ซ, Happy birthday to you โ™ชโ™ซ โ™ฅ . I’m so happy you had a great treat from your daughter and had a wonderful time!

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  4. Happy Birthday! What a great adventure! I would love to see riders and hounds, and growing up riding and showing hunter jumper, I would have tried to join. LOL. Of course, I’m in the US, but still if I ever visited on vacation. And I love that restaurant.

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  5. What a wonderful treat and when we were last in Yorkshire we saw horses everywhere. It is a beautiful and friendly part of the world, so glad to see you had a great time!โ˜บ๐Ÿ’– xxx

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