Mother is so smooth, or maybe not.🌹


Here I was enjoying a day alone after John decided to have a day out to Liverpool on the trains so he can take some photos of the stations. I was unpacking a box from the other house  that I had not yet unpacked when I decided to ring my mother to ask if she was alright.

She has been having a few aches and pains over the last few days. After consulting the internet she decided that she needed to have more fruit in her diet. I noticed when I took her to the supermarket last Friday that she bought some blueberries and raspberries. This was my conversation with her today.

Me:  Hello Mum, how are you feeling today

Mum: I am feeling alright

Me: what no aches and pains today?

Mum: No, not bad at all today

Me: That’s good then.

Mum: I found that blender that I bought in the top of my wardrobe this morning, that one that you borrowed from me.

Me: Oh yeah, when I was going through my making butternut squash soup phase, then you decided you wanted it back and bought me a handheld cheap blender

Mum: Hmm, well I’ve never used it before and I thought this morning I would have a go with it.

Me: Good idea, you can make lovely soup with that blender

Mum: There are lots of pieces to it, different size jug things.

Me: yes they all click together then attach to the base

Mum: There were no instructions in the box I just looked at the pictures on the box.

Me: Oh yes

Mum: I fixed it together using just the little jug thing and put some water in the bottom

Me: thinking I know what’s coming next, I began to tremble with inner laughter

Mum:  Well I switched it on , water flew out all over the kitchen, it was even in the drawer where I keep my tablets, the boxes are all damp now. I even had to get the mop and bucket out, you have never seen such a  mess, I was wet through, my hair has gone frizzy and I had to change my blouse.

Me: openly  shaking with laughter now.

Mum:  There was no bottom in the jug the sharp things flew round and the water sprayed round the kitchen

Me:  They all click together and then attach to the base, lucky for you that you did not put any fruit in

Mum:    Silent for a moment then said,  I did, I put a handful of raspberries in the water, they flew out too. You have never seen such a mess in all your life. Raspberries are hard to wipe up when they are part crushed. I was trying to make one of those drink things.

Me: Laughing hysterically,  you mean a smoothy

Mum: it was not smooth at all.

Me: You can get recipes from the internet to make a smoothy, I don’t think it is just water and fruit though.

Mum: I am not making anything else with this thing, its absolute rubbish.

Me: Well if you want I will give you the hand blender it’s easier to use

Mum: Yes and you can have this thing back if you want it

Me: Yes please, that would be great

Mum: Anyway i need to get on now I’ve spotted a few raspberry bits on the wall that I need to get off before they dry anymore…….. Goodbye.


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      1. LOL especially since you’re calling your conversations “new material” 😀
        We, her fan club, await to hear all about it!!


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