Mothers had an email.🌹



I rang my mum last night and we had the following conversation which I thought I would share with you


Me:…..Hi Mum, how are you today

Mum: Β ….. I got an email and I’m not happy

Me:….. looking at the clock thinking this could be a long conversation.

Mum:….. I could not believe it when I got this email

Me: ….. yes and what did it say?

Mum: Β it said, Hello, I bet you are wondering how I got your email address.

Me:….. ok and…..

Mum: give me a minute I am telling you, you’re so impatient at times.

Me: switching the phone on to loud-speaker so John could hear.

Mum: Like I said before you interrupted me, I got this email

Me: making a gesture to John of winding up the clock.

Mum: are you listening

Me: yes and I’m losing the will to live here.

Mum: Hmm, the email said I bet you are wondering how I got your email , my name is Anne and I wondered if you are looking for a bit of fun

At this point John nearly spat out the tea he was drinking and I started to giggle.

Me: What ! she wondered if you wanted some fun?

Mum:…. yes, fun, she was obviously a lesbian and she wanted me to have fun with her

John had to go out of the room then I could see that he was going to laugh out loud

Me: where had that come from?

Mum: I am wondering if it is anything to do with those trousers I ordered online. Perhaps she works in the office.

Me: I could recognise the danger signals here! Β No mother please tell me that you have not rung them.

Mum: well I was thinking about it and just asking if someone called Anne worked their.

Me: MOTHER NO !, it will just be a random email going round. Spam it.

Mum: I am thinking about packing this internet lark in, it was bad enough when I was on Facebook

Me: Oh yeah, when you joined so that you could see some photo’s of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Mum: Β Yes, and what did I get then, a young man sending me messages saying he found me very attractive. He was thinking I had a bob or two (money in the bank)

Me: well you know what I think of Facebook, I won’t entertain it.

Mum: hmm well I have put the email in my spam box, I hope I don’t get anymore

Me:… You and me both. Promise me mother you won’t ring that catalogue place up and ask if someone called Anne works there.

Mum: I will do what I like, is that it? I have things to do today.

GoodbyeΒ and the phone went dead.


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  1. This will teach me to try to drink coffee and read your posts at the same time! I spit it all over the desk from laughing so hard!

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  2. This is so hilarious! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Unbelievable! Send our love your mum. Let’s hope she doesn’t ring them.

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