I had a dream.🌹




John is full of cold at the moment which I find hard to believe when we are living in this sub tropical apartment, not using the heating because it’s obviously coming up from the apartments below……. anyway we both got up in the night for a cup of tea and as usual we both got into a deep conversation this time about the daily stats on word press.Β  I have to remind myself sometimes that I created this blog to offload a lot of sad poems and memories and maybe help some people along the way too. Β Not to become a numbers freak.

But I wanted to share with you my happiness when yesterday I had 204 views, 120 likes, and 70 comments. Β I think that shows a good balance, people are looking and actually reading what I have written, liking the content and in some cases taking the time to comment too. That is important to me, it’s not just a numbers game.

I have connected with some beautiful souls, I have learnt many things, I have sympathised, found and given empathy and felt saddened by people’s unhappiness and hardship.

When we went back to bed my brain was still buzzing so I continued reading my book Enlightenment Through the Path of Kundalini.I feel like I have become a jigsaw and all of the pieces are gradually being put back in their right places. I feel as if I am going back in time to that happy place when I was young without a care in the world.

I like I am finally finding the meaning to my existence. I feel like I should have a dramatic orchestra playing in the background LOL I am feeling dramatic.

Anyway, I finally went back to sleep and I had a dream. I could see clearly a website which looked so amazing it was really bright in colour. Β When I looked closer it was a new website that I had written about my life and spiritual awakening.

Now I have split my website in to two sites previously and it did not work for me. I flitted between the two basically putting the same posts on both of them . Not much point doing that and paying for the privilege too, so I cancelled the new site.

I am feeling slightly confused at the moment, I think the time may have come for me to write my life story 😬 from childhood to now. It will be an interesting read for some. It’s excites me, it also scares me too 😳

What do you think, should I do it on this site or should I create another site which would just be about my spiritual journey, or should I resist ?


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