Mother knows best always!🌹

I’ve just spoken to my mother on the telephone and she was in a fighting mood our conversation went like this:

Me:   Hi Mum, how are you today? Is your back feeling better?

Mum:   No the pain has moved to the other side now, I blame that chair that you made me sit in on Sunday when we had your birthday dinner at Louise’s house

Me:   Well it was either that or you would have had to sit on her low settee and we would have needed a block and tackle to get you up on your feet again!

Mum:   Cheeky *****, I am not as fat as you are!

Me:   Hmm,  thinking don’t bite. So apart from that are you ok?

Mum: No, I have just been on the phone ages talking to Sky, I want to get Sky sports so I can watch the rugby again..

Me: Oh good is it sorted?

Mum:   It is not!I cant believe how much they want to charge me. I told them I have been a customer for over 25 years yet I am paying far more than any new customers and it’s not good enough. The young lad said he would talk to his manager.

Me: I bet he did.

Mum: He came back and said they would reduce the payment by 40% , I said to him so I will nearly be paying half of what I do now? and he said NO, you can have 40% off the sports channel.

Me: I could imagine her reaction to that one.!  “Oh dear, how did you leave it”?

Mum: I told him that my grandsons and daughter had left Sky and then they had been offered better rates so I told him that was it, I am leaving them because they are robbing me.

Me: What did he say?

Mum: He said OK then, I could not believe he said OK, it’s only a week until the rugby starts and I want to watch it.

Me: What you going to do now then.?

Mum: I am going to text Mark (her grandson) at work he doesn’t do much at work so he will sort it out for me, he sorted it out for his father, he pretended to be him on the phone and got it sorted.

Me: Well he can’t do that for you, can he.

Mum: Do you think I am thick I know that, he can send them an email and see if he can get any joy.

Me: Good lets see if he can, otherwise you are going to have to beg to go back.

Mum: I beg nobody, I am 86 this year they should be giving me the sports channel. Anyway I need to text Mark now so I will talk to you later Bye.

Then she hung up.


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