Being 60 is not that bad actually.🌹


Well its official, at three minutes after midnight I opened my cards and some presents and realised that life begins at 60 or should that be 40!  …. Or get this my eldest daughter Catherine says that 60 is the new 40 !

Confused, hmm me too. Do I feel any different? Nah. I am a little bit miffed that I have to wait another six years to draw my pension now that the pension age in England has changed from 60 to 66, but such is life.

Do you think I am writing different now, more moaning and whining maybe? It’s my age you know ! Just joking, honest.

Anyway I have had a great day, my birthday is going on for days and days 🙂 my youngest daughter Louise came to see me with Ruby and Seth (my grandchildren) and brought me some lovely gifts…. a lot of which are angel related because they know how much I love my angels. Tomorrow I am having lunch with them along with my mum and of course John.

I can’t believe it is the Chinese New year tonight, Chinese is my favourite food but due to my local takeaway being closed I have resorted to buying half a shredded duck with pancakes from the supermarket for this evening. Yummy, hopefully.

My eldest daughter face timed us online as she lives 50 miles away. Charlie had a trampoline party this morning then went out for lunch. I was then presented with an envelope  from Louise which had a card inside which read

To Mum,

On Saturday the 11th of February you are invited to spend an all expenses paid weekend away with your daughters in a 5 star cottage in The Yorkshire Dales So here’s to making many happy memories and to give you lots of new material to write about!

Lots of love,

Catherine and Louise.

My response was thank you very much, that will be lovely. It is sometimes difficult to have good chats with them with children running round, so I am sure we will have a great time. Please can I be 60 every week. ;-

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  1. Congratulations on the big 60. And how delightful, a holiday with your daughter in a special place. You are truly loved not only by your family, but me as well. Your a delight. You have a great sense of humour, your honest, straight, sincere and kind. Hope you have a very special time together. xoxoxo

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  2. How sweet of them. Enjoy every savory moment with them. And, as the saying goes, we are only as old as we feel and as long as we wake up each morning and put one foot in front of the other and make a go of it, no matter what, what more could we ask for. Until next time.


  3. Have you ever heard the saying: “Age is only a number?” Well, yes it is. 60 for you. 61 for me. Isn’t it wonderful when people tell you that you don’t look your age? Must be our aura. I don’t think it’s always written on our faces, but I’m saying this without having looked in the mirror today. I like the feeling of maturity. What about you? I like knowing that I’ve passed a lot of numbers, and I’m still here to tell about it. We get to throw our weight around a little bit, ’cause we know some things. Sounds like you can also boast about having a super fantastic family. And they love you. No rush to higher numbers I’m sure, but what a wonderful life it is when you can say: “I’ve come this far. And boy…do I have stories to tell!” Happy Birthday…and many more.

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to post a comment, I am extremely grateful for everything I have in my life. I have learnt lots in 60 years (gosh now that sounds old) I wouldn’t change a thing because those experiences made me who I am today. 😀

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  4. Lol! I just kept smiling reading this 🙂 I. Soooo happy you are going to have a good time dear. It is sooo amazing to be with your family. May you have a wonderful time and a lovely year 🙂

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  5. Aw, this sounds wonderful! What lovely air around your 60th!! Yes yes, of course you would love this everyday.. for awhile…What makes it so beautiful and enthralling is that it doesn’t happen often. Don’tcha think? ( well , maybe now that you’re 60 you’ll disagree haha! 😛 )

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          1. Elaine, Since we’ve corresponded a little bit and you’re now 60 ( same age as my parents, hehe ) I wanted to ask you a question about incense. That stick people light and burn and lets off a smell and also smoke trail. I’m curious, do you like that idea or detest the smell or the smoke or haven’t been around it? I’m just interested because i rarely meet people my parents age that like the stuff! And I thought that maybe you would? Haha.

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            1. I do actually like incense 😀 I bought some only last week called Satya Nagchampa super hit. It smell absolutely lovely but in small doses it’s very sweet. It is supposed to help reduce negative and increase positive aspects 😉

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              1. Even better when you have healthy aided reasons to it! Well I am hopeful that when I get older I will like incense too. And if not, well, hopefully I’ll remember that I did at one point and not criticize my children for it. Haha

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                  1. I’m in Ontario. 1:09pm My ex husband is half British and in 2011 we visited his family. Was in Exmouth and Plymouth and did the scouting around of London. I loved it 🙂

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                    1. Haha! And there is an acceptance in that, right? I do like living in this province. I do love Canada and its’ people. I think it is because of having a child now that makes the tension somewhat. If it was just me- well, in a way I still feel like I never really left. ( My family has always been really good ( or bad ? ) at living under the same roof but not communicating/living together.. Sad, but true.

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    1. The best birthday ever, looking forward to my weekend away with my two daughters who are 35 and 37, I know now when we get there they will relax so much without children they will want an early night. 😊We will have such a laugh together.

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  6. I enjoyed your birthday post so very much! I imagine that you are on your mother/daughter trip this weekend! How fun! Our daughter gave me a trip for a Mother’s Day present a few years ago. We went to Virginia to visit my college best friend…who owns a lovely and historic Bed & Breakfast in Virginia. We had a wonderful time…we are ready to go back!!

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