I am truly blessed.🌹


I had a brilliant day yesterday, I’ve started my birthday celebrations early with a trip out for lunch with John and a couple of our friends. We went to a beautiful country pub for lunch. We go there often and they knew it was my birthday coming up so when we arrived they had put us in the dining room as opposed to the bar and the table was set with a happy birthday banner in the middle and they had even hand written a card for me. It was lovely, made me feel very special. The meal as always was beautiful and a great time was had by all.

John and I are going over to York today to see my eldest daughter and her family. Charlie my grandson is 5 tomorrow a typical Aquarian he amuses us no end, he loves John so much and hangs on to his every word. I baked him a chocolate cake for his birthday which we are going to take over complete with candles.

A strange thing happened when I put chocolate on the top of this cake. I am no expert baker but when I put lots of melted chocolate on top of the cake and looked at it the day after it looks like there is none on there!! It looks a little bit mottled lol.

I’m not painting a good picture of this cake am I.  John says he will love it when he see the candles that’s all he will be bothered about.  I cant wait to cut it to see if the chocolate as gone into the mixture . Very strange this has never happened before, I am wondering if it is because it is so hot in the apartment, even with no heating on!

I seem to be writing a lot of spiritual poems at the moment, that’s why I have changed my blog name yet again to Elaine’s journey to enlightenment !   I am up at the crack of dawn writing this because I have had words floating through my head all night which I have finally got up to write down.

I really enjoy writing on here and I love the connections with people from all over the world. I am indeed truly blessed.

Have a great day, I will post a photo of the cake later!

Elaine x

PS I saw the fox again yesterday who lives in the wooded area at the side of the apartment and took a photo, my eldest daughter said it was a cat, my youngest daughter said it was a lion, I said they were both mad!

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  1. Your Birthday!! Have a fabulous one my dear, I hope it’s everything you wish for 😊 I look forward to hearing where the chocolate went 😉 I love foxes, they are such beautiful creatures. Anyway have a fantastic day 🎂🎉🍰💐💜

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    1. It’s not my birthday until Saturday but I am like the queen this years the celebrations are set over several days, might not be too bad after all being 60 omg that hurts to write lol. Age is but a number but not keen on 6 and 0 xx

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      1. You are my mom’s age 😍 and I am half your age 😊
        Which date is your birthday and like your grandson you are also an Aquarian
        Have a great day ahead Elaine!!

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