Will you.🌹


Will peace ever find you

will your mind ever  rest

will your memories fade

with the time you invest


will your heart stop racing

will your eyes shine again

will you ever start smiling

With the confidence you gain


Will your soul start rejoicing

will your spirit fly free

will contentment ever find you

when you are set free.


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  1. I read it as I and me and loved it even more!!

    Yes you will
    You have already found
    Parts of joy by writing this
    The jigsaw will solve
    And you will have a clear picture soon

    I loved it
    Have a great day ahead!!

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  2. Hey! Post reading your current posts it makes me wonder if it’s a question asked to the guilty person or to the one who is hurt. Either way I feel everyone should be set free and be happy. Some in realisation and making sure learning happens and some in learnings that already happened and the new open door awatis new learnings 🙂

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