Monday morning. 🌹



I woke up this morning full of the joys of Spring, even though it’s really frosty and foggy outside. I have such a big appetite this morning too.

Three cups of tea

bacon and egg sandwich

3 malted milk biscuits

1 twix biscuit

And  one indigestion tablet later, I am wondering if I am about to go into hibernation like a bear 🐻 so my body is telling me to eat and store fat !

It’s so unusual for me to want to eat and it’s great. Wonder what I can eat for lunch.

Have a lovely day

Elaine x


  1. It’s too hot to eat much at the moment in SA, middle of summer and temperatures in the 30 degrees celcius. I’m drinking ice water and homemade iced coffee all day. Had a slice of toast with peanut butter on for breakfast. Too hot to eat lunch. Going to make spinach and tuna pasta dish for dinner tonight for me and my two sons.

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    1. 30 degrees 😳wow that’s hot, the sun s burning through the fog here now. We have no heating on in the apartment and it’s the clock is showing 22 ! Amazing how warm it is for winter. The bills here are going to be minimal. 🤗

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      1. I know, I miss writing them. Intend to post one this week yet. Thanks for caring. Remember what Arnold Swartzenegger said: “I’ll be back!”

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