Words can open your heart. 🌹




Words can  touch us

Search deep in our souls

They can also heal us

Then make us feel whole


Words can be spoken

Or they can be written in rhyme

When they come from your soul

The words are divine


Words can bring happiness

Words can bring pain

They can be written genuinely

Yet also written to gain


Words can sit inside us

Not allowing us to see

Words can release us

Our words can set us free


Words can be written in privacy

Then shared with the world

Pain can be discarded

Allowing us to start again.


No one can judge us

They don’t  have that right

We don’t have to answer to anyone

For that is our right.


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  1. Beautiful interplay of words!!
    Writing and blogging made me realise the power of words once again
    Much love and respect!!

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