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Closet doors open or shut….. In England we call them wardrobe doors, mine are always shut tight. I think I suffer from OCD, because unless things are clean and tidy I tend to freak out. When my sister came to see the apartment last week she told me that it is like a show house! I don’t mean it to be, I just like things looking clean and tidy.

Do I take toiletries from Hotels…. I haven’t been in a hotel for a while, but when I did I never took the toiletries, I did however love the little sewing kits that they gave and the shoe shine cloth, so they came home with me.

What time do I go to bed…..  Believe it or not I watch very little TV. I prefer to listen to music either Magic FM or Smooth radio. I hardly ever watch the news, perhaps twice a week, because it is always negative, if the news was 50% good and 50% bad our world would be a much happier place.  It’s not that I bury my head it is just not good for my soul!  I go to bed around 10pm.

Post it notes….. I used to love post it notes, I love all stationary too. I used post it notes when I worked now I never use them.

When did I last write an actual letter….. I can’t honestly remember, I prefer writing emails or picking up the telephone. My handwriting has deteriorated no end, this is bad I draw and paint but no letter writing.

Any Phobias…… Yes I hate crowds, I avoid them at all costs. I also dislike flying after having to sit on a plane years ago in Spain for five hours during the day, waiting for take off.  I had a panic attack, we were not allowed to go to the toilet, it was hell. To this day I can not eat on a plane. The only way I will fly again would be first class. That’s unlikely to happen unless we win the lottery….which I don’t actually do!

My height is 5 foot 8 inches

What am I grateful for…… How long have you got”

I am grateful for the life that I have lived so far, including all the ups and down, happiness and sadness, because it is through those lessons that I have developed personally and spirituality.  Would I do the same again, probably because I think it was my path to walk and learn from. I am still learning now and no doubt will carry on learning until I pass over.

I am grateful for my health and my attitude to life.

I am grateful for my husband, family and new-found friends on WordPress. Thank you.

These posts are actually quite therapeutic if you open up, forget your privacy and tell it as it is.   


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  1. That was honest, open, delightful. I feel I know you more now. Funny how opening up and sharing invites the world to you. Thank you, Elaine for sharing who you are. Your a delight. I’m so happy to have met you here.

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      1. Thank you, Elaine, very much. I also feel welcome here. It’s a joy to check in and find out what’s new in everyone else’s lives. But it’s the connections made, with you, for example, and others of ilk mind that make the experience so worth while.

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          1. Only had 3 hours sleep, so I think I’ll go lay down for a bit see if I cant rest some more. Love you, Elaine. Always and forever. Talk to you in a bit. I hope this continues as a very delightful and special day. Oh and by the way, thank you for sharing the picture of John. He looks quite handsome amiable and delightful. (don’t tell him, but the bird on his shoulder gave it all away.) xoxo

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  2. That’s such an insightful post Elaine. I personally feel it’s better to share your life and real photos because when you will look back, you could relate more to your older version in thoughts and pictures and after a certain point of time you feel comfortable being you in front of others without any privacy concerns.
    5.8 is pretty impressive and you have aged gracefully 😍
    As long as your followers love you, awards don’t matter much.
    And your appreciation and encouragement is always a pleasurable retreat
    I too loved those post it notes or sticky notes, at times they helped me make stuff funnier, e.g. Comments on leave card etc
    Have a great day ahead Dear!!

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