The graceful girl. 🌹


John and I went to watch our granddaughter who is nine perform in the pantomime Aladdin,  she was one of the dancers and we could not believe how good she was.

She is a tall girl for her age, her mum is 5ft 10 and she is obviously going to take after her mum. Yet her movements were so measured and graceful, she glided around the stage. We could see such a difference from last year when she danced in the Robin Hood pantomime.

She had the biggest beam on her face, we could see it from the balcony up above. Her face radiated happiness and confidence it was a pleasure to see I remember this poem that I wrote previously when she was 4 years old.


We all went to watch you dance

But sadly did not get the chance

Because you did not want to perform

You just sat and cried all forlorn

baby Ballet was not your thing

many talents you do bring

But today was not meant to be

as we all could plainly see

you had practiced for many a week

But stage and stardom you did not seek

Instead you sat all forlorn

Because you did not want to perform.


Well Ruby your now a star ⭐️ From a duckling to a swan. We are so proud.


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