Our new rug is really a magic carpet!๐ŸŒน




My daughter and her family called yesterday and she noticed our new rug which she thought was very nice. I told her about trying to iron the creases out of it. Now bearing in mind that she is a technical engineer at a fabric company, she knows her stuff. After feeling the rug she said well it’s obviously not wool it feels like polypropylene.

“Poly what” I replied

“Basically its a cheap rug” she said

“Gee thanks” I said,” I only got it because it was the right colours”

John jumped in then saying

John: ย It certainly likes me, it has started following me round the room, in fact I am thinking about taking it out for a run.

Me: Great idea, I will ย enter you both in the next local ย marathon. ๐Ÿ˜‰

John: ha ha

Me: ย  If you picked your feet up when you walked that would not happen, it’s theย same in the night when you get up to go to the toilet, I hear your feet dragging across the carpet.

John: ย Sorry I will try levitating in future, looking at my daughter, I don’t drag my feet at all. You know what your mother is like for exaggerating!

My daughter sat laughing and said I will ask someone at work if they can suggest what to do to get the last few wrinkles out but I think you may have to live with them. ย It does look good though it’s the perfect colour to match everything.

We are still awaiting feedback, I love my cheap rug, the jury is still out with John, he might have to nail it to the floor!


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