Our new rug is really a magic carpet!🌹



My daughter and her family called yesterday and she noticed our new rug which she thought was very nice. I told her about trying to iron the creases out of it. Now bearing in mind that she is a technical engineer at a fabric company, she knows her stuff. After feeling the rug she said well it’s obviously not wool it feels like polypropylene.

“Poly what” I replied

“Basically its a cheap rug” she said

“Gee thanks” I said,” I only got it because it was the right colours”

John jumped in then saying

John:  It certainly likes me, it has started following me round the room, in fact I am thinking about taking it out for a run.

Me: Great idea, I will  enter you both in the next local  marathon. 😉

John: ha ha

Me:   If you picked your feet up when you walked that would not happen, it’s the same in the night when you get up to go to the toilet, I hear your feet dragging across the carpet.

John:  Sorry I will try levitating in future, looking at my daughter, I don’t drag my feet at all. You know what your mother is like for exaggerating!

My daughter sat laughing and said I will ask someone at work if they can suggest what to do to get the last few wrinkles out but I think you may have to live with them.  It does look good though it’s the perfect colour to match everything.

We are still awaiting feedback, I love my cheap rug, the jury is still out with John, he might have to nail it to the floor!


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  1. there is a product that keeps rugs in place. it is a sort of plasticine bumpy semi-rug…it actually looks like my shelf paper. in any event this stuff keeps rugs where you put them instead of allowing the rugs to wander. Wish I could remember what the stuff is called.

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  2. Aww haha I’m sure your rug is beautiful even if it’s not fancy and expensive! Also I totally get the feet dragging thing because I share a room with my sister and it really irritates me when she wakes up at night and her walking wakes me up too! 🙂

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  3. LMAO at it followed him! Loved that! and who cares about cost, it LOOKS spectacular! Perfect with your room colours and it’s obviously comfy so woot woot win all round. Tell John, seriously the place is not haunted! and if you wanted a magic carpet ride, …. Aladdin comes to mind hahahaha

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