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The thing I love the most about my husband John is his ability to communicate, not many people can communicate at the level I like to communicate. We talk about anything and everything and he never says, you do talk rubbish, even though I know I do!

Every night when we go to bed we usually have some sort of discussion and we both felt rather strange last night and after a lengthy discussion we concluded that it was probably because we had finally settled down in to our forever home and it’s a strange feeling.

From meeting John, we have been continually planning our next move.

He moved from Cornwall to live with me.

We planned our wedding and then got married

Then we moved from my one bed flat

Into a three-bedroomed house

Then we moved into a two bedroomed house.

Then I had a health scare

Then we moved in to a one bedroomed house with a dressing room

Then I had another health scare

Then finally we moved in to this two-bed apartment.

All of the above in just over two years has been a marathon journey.

John also helped me come to terms with my past issues mainly regarding my 27-year previous marriage.  I finally feel that my past is behind me. I no longer think about it. Then last night I had the following dream.

I was visiting my ex husbands home, he was not in my dream which is just as well because in real life he finds it hard to look at me never mind speak to me.

Anyway, I was visiting his home and talking to his wife and we were saying how silly it was that we don’t speak and how he finds it very hard to be at family occasions when I am there. We both agreed that this had to stop, that we were grownups and we did not want it to be like this.

My ex-husbands wife opened a cupboard door to show me what he had kept of mine, there was a bottle of perfume that I used to wear years ago, and bubble bath and a few other personal items. I began taking them out of the cupboard and putting them in my bag.

I think that this dream was signifying that the last remnants of any hurt or pain caused in my past by this man are truly worked through and let go.

It only took 15 years! 😏

Now a new chapter begins for John and I which although it is exciting it will seem strange not planning our next move!


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  1. That’s a lot of moving in two years! Sometimes things pop into my life that I realize I haven’t worked through or let go. I am happy for it to enter into my life just as I am sure you are happy for that dream and for recognizing there was still a part of you that had issues with the past. Happy for you to be in the next chapter!

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  2. Sometimes the silence seems suffocating but after some time and many stuff there are few things left unsaid
    Silence can turn peaceful too once you make peace with it

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    1. This thought apart I agree with your belief of messages sent by dreams at times
      Yours sound like a stop sign to not to let past trouble you anymore
      A closed account
      All the best!!

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