Royal visit! Apartment Living take 2


After finally calming down after feeling the effect of the full moon,  I am now on a high after resuming my long term habit of  (eating marshmallows) John was watching me stuff them in my mouth so I stopped to tell him that eating marshmallows helps me to be creative.

His responsive was: “Creative my arse” (which was not very nice) So I told him that  I was going to write that in my next post. That way the people who feel sorry for him living with me can see his true colours!

Then he said can you spell the word arse ?

( I think I have spelled it correctly, there is a red line under it but perhaps that is because it’s not a word I  use very often.)

I know let me try derriere, yeah that works

Now how about rear end, yup that works

(have another marshmallow)

Anyway I digress (Bag Lady) your not the only one who has waited to use that word!

Today my Mum and sister called to see the apartment, my mum has actually been twice before but it was the first time for my sister. Now I am sure that quite a lot of people  reading this would understand that when you have someone visiting, you tidy round. YES?  well I am like that x 100.

I got stuck in cleaning what really did not need cleaning and as I walked into the wet room with my mop and bucket John said the following:

John:   Your not mopping the floor again are you, you only did it a couple of day ago

Me:  Yes of course I am, there are splashes under the shower curtain across the floor from our showers this morning.

John:  well I thought you would want to leave it like that. Then they can see just how far the water goes and that it does not completely cover the floor

Me:  are you actually being serious?

John:  Yes, then if ever they want a wet room they can see the floor does not get flooded completely.

I just shook my head and went in to the bathroom to clean around and wash the floor. I put the cheap toilet paper that John had bought at the back of the bathroom cabinet so it would remain unseen  and put my preferred  quality toilet paper on the holder which John got me after I complained, okay moaned about the cheap stuff.

Then John reappeared, why is he always at the back of me!

John:  Why are you changing the toilet roll

Me: Because I am, if you think I am going to let my sister and mother think this see through stuff is what we use everyday you can think again.

John:    Cheap stuff my arse he replied and walked off.

I think I better stop eating these marshmallows now, I am changing out of all recognition .


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