I blame it on the moon




If I had known it would be a full moon tonight things may have been a lot different. I wondered why I was a bit manic this afternoon. John thought I was just behaving normally but I knew something was different.

I began ironing out the wrinkles in our new rug. I rolled it in reverse  last night but the wrinkles were still hanging in there for dear life. I read online that if you get your steam iron and put a tea towel over the rug you can steam the wrinkles out.  After doing the entire rug I began to notice marks in the carpet where heavy furniture had been so I went over the indents and that worked a treat.

Then I came up with a brilliant idea!  I thought I wonder what it would look like if I changed the TV and cabinet from one corner of the room to the other (yes I  do know the TV aerial socket was in one corner) but that is a mere technicality to someone like John.

John was out shopping so I began heaving my book-case across the floor and started pulling wires out of the TV and Satellite box when I heard a sigh behind me.

John:  What on earth are you doing

Me:   Changing the room round to see how it looks

John:    Are you mad, do you realise that the TV wont work in that corner

Me:   I have lived on my own you know, I do know how things work

John:   Stop pulling that wire, I will do it.

Me:   I am capable I think I can manage it.

John:  Step away from the wires, I am doing it

So I stepped away and he is so mad he pulls the wires out and heaves the TV cabinet full of DVD’s CD’s and books ( he is very strong when he is annoyed ) across the room then  walked out of the room in to his office and shut the door.

I put the book-case where the TV was and stood back to take a look. Then walked to the closed office door and said:

John,  You were right it does not look right, I am going to put everything back you don’t need to help me. Waiting to see if I heard movement, I didn’t so I started to heave things back thinking, he is not going to help me! he must be mad. When the office door opened and he came out and said what are you doing.

Me:   I am just connecting the wires back in the TV.

John:  Let me do it.

Me:   I am more than capable of connecting it up again

John:   OK, do it then

Me:  Trying and failing,  Oh OK  you can do it.

He threw himself on the floor huffing and puffing, muttering under his breath and connected everything back together.

Me:  Your not having a fit are you?

John:  ( silence  )

I put everything back on the bookcase, patted my angels and said , send John some patience ! I don’t know why he gets so cross.


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