The great rug debate!



Yesterday morning after a very sleepless night due to high winds like I have never heard before, I got up feeling restless and announced to John that I thought we needed a new rug for the lounge

Nothing strange in that I bet your thinking, but me wanting a new rug is not a rare occurrence. Since we have been together we must have bought erm let me think!   8 rugs. Yes 8. When I suggested this to John he threw his arms up in disbelief.


What another new rug

What do you want another rug for

There is nothing wrong with this one

How many rugs do you need

You buy rugs and they end up going into storage

Why do you want another rug


To which I replied:

But I think another rug will change the whole dynamics of the room

I want a rug that has some green in to match the wall

And some grey in to match the settee

Beige is so boring

Plus I want a thinner one

What size in feet and inches is 2.3m x 1.6

Just look at this rug it looks lovely holding out my Ipad


Johns response

Backing away

It’s the same size as this one

What do we need another rug for

I’m not looking at any rugs

No don’t show me we don’t want or need another rug


I replied

Just look at it , holding out my Ipad


Johns response

Walking backwards again, I’m not looking at it

I want nothing to do with it

We don’t need one

You will please yourself

I am going out for a train ride

He then put his coat on and left to take a train ride.


I sat thinking it’s only a rug I am not wanting to donate my eggs for fertilization (not that they would be any good now as there non-existent), better example, I am not wanting to get a pony or dare I say it MOVE HOUSE!!! its a rug!

I sat looking at the rug on the website and read all of the comments. It’s a beautiful rug, well worth the money.

I SO want this rug, so I made an executive decision and pressed the purchase button.


I texted John during the day and as usual he ended his text with the words Love you

I responded …. The rug is coming tomorrow, do you still love me?

He responded…. Of course xx

I responded… I do love you.

He deserves a medal putting up with me and my rug fetish . Hopefully someday he will understand the importance of a nice rug!


part two with photo to follow :

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