My new baby has arrived, part 2 of the great rug debate!



Finally afte waiting for 24 hours my baby has arrived, after lots of puffing and panting (from John)the new baby is here, but omg how wrinkled is this baby, it almost resembles an old man! (Sorry that’s a sexist comment) it resembles an old person.

As soon as I saw it rolled up tightly in the packaging it was instant attraction and I said to John.

Me:   just look at it, it’s so beautiful

John:   it’s rug.

Me:   how can you say it’s a rug, it’s not just any rug !

John:   how can anyone get so excited about a rug

Me:   why is it so wrinkly ?

John:   it’s been wrapped up tightly for I don’t know how long

Me:   could you roll it the other way round to see if it un wrinkles

John:    Have you lost the use of your arms?

Me:     No but you need to move this other one

John:   I am sick and tired of moving rugs around, where shall I put it?

Me:   In the hallway for the time being, you were just going to lie the new one on top of the old one weren’t you, how could we get the true effect then?

John:   It’s a rug.

Me:   can you see the effect I was trying to get? I was trying to draw the outside in, pick up the grey from the settee and the curtains, then the green from the walls, whilst having the pop of orange to spice it up.

John:   hmm.

Me:   Can you just stand up while I take a photograph

John:   what! Sighs and moves out of shot.

Me:   now move away from the rug unless you want to be in the photo.

John:   Oh I’ve had enough of this walking into his office to get away.

Me:   don’t go too far John, the old rug will be going in the dining area, I have a new tablecover coming today, it was a right bargain.

Office door bangs shut.

Me: Someday he will understand what I mean!

I hope these wrinkles go soon, I might have to get my steamer out!  JOHN!

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  1. that is one nice looking rug! poor John…tell him to take a nice long hot soak in a bubble bath and we all hope he feels better……rofl

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